Jesus Calling

I received a free copy of this book from Family Christian in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

Have you longed to have a conversation with Jesus? Just to hear Him give you guidance for your day. “Jesus Calling” to me, is receiving a personal word from Jesus Christ, daily during my devotional time. It has not failed to be the word that I need on any given day, a word that I find myself sharing with others. 

“Jesus Calling” was written by Sarah Young, based upon her prayer journal. In this book she shares her personal reflections based on Jesus words within Scripture.

Looking for Scripture to mediate on? You will find that the scriptures references that is part of the daily reading, fit perfectly and is speaking directly to you. I felt that this was a conversation between Jesus and I; that He was handing me the energy that I needed for the day through scripture which was so pertinent to me.

Some of the reminders that I would receive is that He is my strength and shield, to seek His face daily, reminders of the peace that can only come from having a relationship with Him and so much more.

“Jesus Calling” is a blessing to me and I find myself looking forward to my personal time for the few minutes that it takes for me to read, ponder and pray on the thought that I have read. It is a five-star reading.

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